What We Do

Sticky Branding is a branding and business development consultancy. We help companies stand out, attract clients and grow incredible brands.

Why should you invest in your brand? Simple. Sales. Companies that grow sticky brands achieve 3 competitive advantages:

  • More customers: Attract more customers and increase the volume of demand for your products and services.
  • Faster sales: Increase the velocity of your sales cycle by having your customers choose your brand first.
  • Higher profits: Reduce price sensitivity, and increase the value of your products and services.

We describe these 3 competitive advantages as the 3Vs: Volume, Velocity and Value. Sticky Branding will work with you and your firm to increase your 3Vs, and help you grow your business and brand to the next level.

Sticky Branding’s Services focus on providing you the expertise, ideas, tools and resources to drive your sales and grow your company into a sticky brand.

Expertise Steeped In Research

Over the past decade, Jeremy Miller and the Sticky Branding team have researched how small and mid-sized companies stand out, drive sales and grow their brands.

We have embarked in a comprehensive research study to uncover best practices, collect stories and validate how mid-market companies grow sticky brands. Since 2005 we have interviewed over 1,000 CEOs and business owners, 5,000 sales and marketing professionals, and analyzed over 750 companies. Read some examples in our weekly column, Sticky Branding Stories.

Draw on our expertise and research to grow your brand, and develop branding and marketing strategies that deliver measurable sales results.

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