Jeremy Miller is an innovative marketer that delivers tangible sales results. He works with organizations at a brand, national or group level to develop marketing strategies that enable the firm to stand out, attract customers and grow sticky brands.

Sharing ideas

Jeremy’s mission is to collect and share stories of how mid-market companies are growing sticky brands.

He shares his expertise and stories across multiple channels:

  • Sticky Branding Stories: A weekly column profiling how mid-market companies are growing sticky brands.
  • Speaking: Workshops and Keynote Presentations to share ideas, stories and branding best practices.
  • Brand Strategy: Strategic marketing programs to develop and implement brand strategies for mid-market companies.
  • Community Engagement: Support  companies and associations who are working to reach, engage and market to business owners of mid-market companies.

Jeremy is the author of the popular e-book, Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How To Grow a Social Media Community. The book draws on Jeremy’s experience of growing one of the largest branding groups on LinkedIn with over 26,000 members.

Get Connected

Jeremy is active on social media. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. And be sure to join the Sticky Branding Group on LinkedIn, one of the largest branding groups with over 26,000 members.