The Social Media Game: How you play at Twitter

The Social Media Game

I used to think acquiring your first 1,000 followers in social media was a sales process. It was a process of engaging one person at a time to achieve a critical mass with market visibility. I don’t think that way anymore.

Social media is a game. You can focus on quality over quantity and do the ‘right things,’ but that is not required to grow a substantial following. It’s how well you play the game.

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A Community Starts With 1,000 Members

It’s easy to see the successes bloggers like Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan are having with social media and think, “I want that.” Darren’s ProBlogger Facebook Page has over 47,000 Likes, and Chris has over 109,000 people following him on Google+

I’m not in their league, but in less than 2 years my LinkedIn Group, Sticky Branding, grew to over 24,000 members. People see these successes, and want to replicate them for their businesses.

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