The 2-Call Close, Part 2

Make your website sell as well as your best salesperson. To drive velocity into your sales funnel, create a website that sells. This is Part 2 of a three part series of the 2-Call Close. Learn the principles to close complex sales in two calls within two weeks.


Launching a New Website: What do you think?

In 1999 I bought from Jeremy Miller of Arizona. Fifteen years later I am launching as my Professional Speaker website. Let me know what you think.


Websites That Sell Are Different

Most company websites are attractive, functional and tell a good story. But those are table stakes. Websites that sell are different, because they are built for sales.


Your Website: The Set It And Forget It Trap

How often do you update your website? I’m not talking about adding a blog post or publishing an article. How often do you make structural changes to your website? Your website is alive, and apart of a vibrant ecosystem. If you are not updating it quarterly, your website will atrophy and die.


A New Website, 30 Days and 400% More Subscribers

What do you want your website to do? We launched a new version of with a clear goal: generate email subscribers. Within 30 days email subscriptions are up 400%. And we’re seeing gains across the board: 38% increase in unique visitors, 129% increase in average duration on the site, and the bounce rate fell from 86% to 35%.

A Clear Call To Action

A Clear Call To Action

A clear call to action is one of the most important aspects of your website. But it’s hard to it get right. Someone stumbles across your website, they find the information compelling, and then … what’s next? Answering “what’s next?” can be the difference between a prospect contacting you or having them move on.

Zombie Brands: Showcase your brand's personality

Showcase Your Brand Personality

The Internet is filled with zombies. Not the kind you find in movies and comics. Rather they are zombie brands—brands devoid of any personality that limp along mindlessly calling out for customers.

B2B websites come across as shells and templates. You can read the facts: what they do, the products they offer, and maybe a few customer testimonials. But there’s no human quality.

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Feeding The Content Beast

Your content is the foundation of your digital brand. The content your company produces drives social media, influences your search rank and feeds your website. It builds your company’s credibility by demonstrating your firm’s capabilities, personality and values. And it builds relationships by engaging your prospects, clients and centers of influence. Without a steady supply […]


Differentiation Is A Side Effect

Differentiating a business is often misunderstood. It’s not about logos, websites or taglines. And it’s not about unique selling propositions, and the stories you tell. These things are all wrapping paper. They may indicate what makes your business unique, but they’re not the source of your differentiation. Differentiation is created from the inside out. The […]

Pecking Hen

Making Your Customers’ Shortlist

One of the great challenges of the information age is information overload. We have access to too much information and too many options. We’re inundated with content. Information overload creates a unique sales challenge, because before a prospect begins the buying process they have to make a shortlist. The buying process starts with a pre-qualifying […]