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Marketing as a Percentage of Revenue

Small businesses are not investing enough in sales and marketing. Treat marketing as an investment. Invest in marketing as a percentage of revenue, and grow it with your business.


Slay Your Time Vampires

The wrong employees, poor processes, weak systems, and bad partners can suck the life out of your company. They are Time Vampires. You cannot grow a vibrant, engaging brand if you are dragged down by Time Vampires. Find them, identify them, and slay them.


Seller Beware

In the pre-Internet days people used to say, “Buyer Beware.” Companies were in control. They set the price. They educated the buyers. They negotiated from a position of power. That’s not the case anymore. The tables have turned. It’s “Seller Beware.”


Launching a New Website: What do you think?

In 1999 I bought from Jeremy Miller of Arizona. Fifteen years later I am launching as my Professional Speaker website. Let me know what you think.


Content Marketing is a Marathon

Writing one great article is not enough. Content marketing demands you do that month after month, if not day after day. It’s a marathon. Set your pace and go into content marketing with an expectation that you will be doing it for several years.


Ideas Are Cheap, Action Is Not

Companies that are propelled to act will always outperform the dreamers and ideators. There’s no shortage of ideas in this world. The challenge is finding the few great ones that are aligned with your company’s purpose and values, and then ruthlessly implement them.


Ask Your Clients For Feedback

Direct customer feedback is an essential ingredient for brand building and delivering outstanding services. Good, bad, or ugly you need to hear how your company is doing. And getting that input is easy. All you have to do is ask for it.


Sticky Branding Book Launch: You Are Invited

Sticky Branding Book Launch. Join me on January 14, 2015 at 5pm for a keynote presentation and book launch for the Sticky Branding book. It will be hosted at the Rotman School of Management as part of their Branding Experts Speaker Series.


The Most Powerful Leadership Question

When you miss a goal ask yourself a very deep, powerful question, “What was it about my leadership that led to this result?” The buck stops with you. How is your leadership influencing your outcomes?


Is Your Sales Process Hurting Your Brand?

Your brand and marketing create the conditions for a sale. But a flawed sales process can unravel all the goodwill created by your brand. Manage your sales process to a high standard, and deliver a buying experience your customers expect.