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Grow A Tattoo Worthy Brand

Would you get a tattoo of a logo? I know I wouldn’t. I find the idea simply ridiculous. But from a branding context, wow! A tattoo worthy brand may be the pinnacle of consumerism, but it demonstrates that the brand stands something and people are connecting with it at a deep, personal level.


Is Your Call To Action Too Late?

A B2B customer can be 90% of the way through the buying cycle before they even engage a sales person. Is your call to action too late? Typical call to to actions like “contact us” or “request a demo” only work when the buyer knows what they want. How can you engage your customers sooner?


Blow The Doors Off 2014

I can’t believe it’s the end of summer already. Kids go back to school next week, and it’s time for businesses to sprint for the finish line. There’s only 4 months left of this year. What are you going to do to close 2014 on a high note? Looking back We are two-thirds of the […]


We Want Relationships, Not Connections

Entire industries have formed to facilitate networking. Industry associations, boards of trade, chambers of commerce, and a host of business networking groups all have a clear mandate to bring people together and support networking. But who has the time for all these events anymore? The era of networking events has passed. Sure there are still […]


Start With How, Not Why

Simon Sinek argues in Start With Why that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” I disagree. People buy the how, not the why.


6 Habits of Great Sales People

Great sales people possess habits that separate them from everyone else. Every sales rep does the basics: prospect, qualify, negotiate and close. Great reps do the same things, but they do them better.

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What Would Apple Do?

Take a page from Apple’s playbook and ask, “What would Apple do?” It’s hard not to admire Apple’s brand. They not only have brand loyalty, they have brand anticipation. Everyone wants to know what Apple will do next. Apply some of Apple’s principles of branding to grow your brand.


Startup Branding: Plant Deep Roots

The founding vision of a business is the roots of the brand. Startups, like Percy 3D, establish long lasting and scalable brands by having a strong vision. Their vision plants roots for the brand to grow and thrive.


Hotel Fines Guests For Negative Reviews; It Killed Their Brand

Hudson Union Street Guest House has destroyed their brand. A failed social media policy created a media crisis on a global scale. They fined guests $500 for negative reviews on Yelp, and the story became viral. The only option left is to rebrand.

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Inventing A Brand Name To Avoid Embarrassment

A brand name that is catchy and memorable in one language can be completely inappropriate in another. Use invented names to avoid international embarrassment. Solgenia invented their company name to work well in eight languages, and be correctly written in each.