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Sticky Branding Book Launch: You Are Invited

Sticky Branding Book Launch. Join me on January 14, 2015 at 5pm for a keynote presentation and book launch for the Sticky Branding book. It will be hosted at the Rotman School of Management as part of their Branding Experts Speaker Series.


The Most Powerful Leadership Question

When you miss a goal ask yourself a very deep, powerful question, “What was it about my leadership that led to this result?” The buck stops with you. How is your leadership influencing your outcomes?


Is Your Sales Process Hurting Your Brand?

Your brand and marketing create the conditions for a sale. But a flawed sales process can unravel all the goodwill created by your brand. Manage your sales process to a high standard, and deliver a buying experience your customers expect.


Extraverts Are Not Better at Sales, but Neither Are Introverts

There is a myth in business that extraverts are better sales people. Research proves that wrong. Ambiverts outperform both extraverts and introverts.


Pick Up the Phone and Start Dialing

The pen doesn’t sell, and it doesn’t solve problems either. Most business problems can be solved with one simple behavior: pick up the phone and start dialing. If you want to generate more sales, make happier customers, or solve a problem — pick up the phone and start dialing.


Eating Crow: The Art of the Apology

Don’t get defensive when you have offended. Take criticism at face value, and apologize genuinely. Simply, graciously apologize. Acknowledge the mistake, and learn from it.


Beware of Management Consultants Bearing Goals

Companies get led astray with weak goals. “50 in 5″ ($50 million in 5 years) or “30 in 3″ ($30 million in 3 years) sound great on paper, but are rarely achievable. Don’t let your team choose shallow commitments and unachievable goals.


Success Comes After Big Goals and Bold Actions

It’s easy to look at successful companies and think, “I want that.” Success comes after you make Big Goals and take Bold Actions.


Make Your Brand Visibly Different

It’s one thing to commit to growing an incredible brand, but if your customers can’t see it they won’t believe it. Sticky brands are visual brands. Make your brand visibly different.


Apple Pay and Apple Watch Are Bigger Than You Think

Apple has a sticky brand because they redefine categories, not launch products. Other companies launch innovative products, but Apple stands heads and shoulders above their peers by continually redefining categories. Apple Pay and Apple Watch redefine the mobile payments and wearables categories.