There is no replacement for Wow Events

Wow Events: Spark Client Engagement

There is no replacement for live, face-to-face events. As good as digital media and social media are, they can’t achieve the impact of a Wow Event.

You don't need social media experts. It's a tool. Treat it as such.

Social Media Is Boring

You don’t need a social media expert to tell you to be on Facebook. Social media is a tool. Treat it as such. If it makes sense for your business to use a social media site like Facebook, use it. If it doesn’t make business sense, don’t use it. It’s that simple.

Content Marketing Lead Generation, "That's interesting. Tell me more.

Measuring Content Marketing’s Effectiveness

Define your goals for effective content marketing. Lead generation is only one outcome. Focus on sharability and engagement to generate future sales.

Learn To Love Networking

Learn To Love Networking

Networking is crucial to business, but if not done well it is time consuming and ineffective. Use a system to connect with higher quality contacts, and build purposeful relationships.

Conversations are the seeds of brand relationships

Brand Relationships Start With A Conversation

Conversations are the seeds of brand relationships. Your clients won’t buy from you unless they like you and trust you first. Use your content to start a conversation.


Did Google Kill Blogging?

On July 1, 2013 Google is shutting down Google Reader. In a short blog post Google changed the direction of blogging. The announcement is a wake-up call for bloggers and companies to rethink their content strategies.


Platform Authenticity: When Self-Promotion Is Annoying

There is a fine line between marketing your marketing and being a litterbug.

Promoting your content is essential. If no one is reading it, it doesn’t have value. But how you approach marketing your content is equally important.

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Market Your Marketing

Market your marketing. If no one is reading your content, then it isn’t having an impact. The purpose of content is to engage your audience. Grow your audience every month.


Contingency Planning: Build a Content Repository

A Content Repository is your contingency plan. It’s unrealistic to think you can show up every day for weeks on end without life getting in the way. Things happen. Put 3 weeks of content in the vault.


Less Strategy, More Execution

No one is born with perfect vision and purpose. The only way to find it is to live it and look for it. Strategizing and planning will only take you so far. Then you have to act.