Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How to grow a social media community

Growing a vibrant, engaged social media group is very valuable:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Engage your target markets
  3. Raise your profile

The key is to get it past 1,000 members.

Cruise the social media highway, and you will find countless groups that are floundering or abandoned. There are over 1.3 million groups on LinkedIn, but only 3% of them have 1,000 or more members, and less than 0.017% of groups break 10,000 members. Vibrant, engaged and growing social media communities are not the average.


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What’s Inside:

  1. An audience will plateau, a community is boundaryless
  2. The value of community: relationships
  3. Find the connective glue of your community: Point of Sharing™
  4. Name your group to grow
  5. How to setup the platform to get people dancing
  6. When the dance gets rolling, get moderating

A practical guide

Nobody Likes To Dance Alone draws on Sticky Branding’s experience growing one of the largest branding groups on LinkedIn. In less than two years the Sticky Branding group grew from 0 to 22,000 members!

Nobody Likes To Dance Alone provides a practical guide on how to grow your social media group past 1,000 members, and create a boundaryless social media community.

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Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How To Grow A Social Media Community