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Inventing A Brand Name To Avoid Embarrassment

A brand name that is catchy and memorable in one language can be completely inappropriate in another. Use invented names to avoid international embarrassment. Solgenia invented their company name to work well in eight languages, and be correctly written in each.

Want more readers? Write better! 5 tips to get your email newsletter read.

5 Tips To Get Your Email Newsletter Read

Email newsletters are still one of the most effective marketing tools. 5 tips to get more prospects, clients and fans to open and read your email. Don’t leave it to chance. Get your email read.

The Social Media Game: How you play at Twitter

The Social Media Game

Social media is a game. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get thousands of Twitter followers. Just follow, unfollow, repeat. Play the game to grow your reach — and maybe even your influence.

Counting Trucks: Avoid the vanity metrics, and find the actionable metrics that drive business

Vanity Metrics Don’t Predict Growth

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Or so the old adage goes. But not all measures are worth managing. Find the 3 to 5 Big Levers that drive your business.

You don't need social media experts. It's a tool. Treat it as such.

Social Media Is Boring

You don’t need a social media expert to tell you to be on Facebook. Social media is a tool. Treat it as such. If it makes sense for your business to use a social media site like Facebook, use it. If it doesn’t make business sense, don’t use it. It’s that simple.


Social Media is a Tactic, Not a Strategy

Asking a company about their social media strategy is like asking a carpenter whether he has a hammer strategy. We’re talking about tools not architectural drawings. Social media are tools to support a strategy.


LinkedIn Groups: Cans of Spam

LinkedIn has a problem with their groups. They have communities brimming with potential, but most are choking on spam.

It’s heartbreaking. Of all the major social networks, the LinkedIn Groups have a structure that is perfectly designed for business conversations and engagement. The structure is reminiscent of the old Internet discussion boards, but with the power of the largest business network in the world.

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A Community Starts With 1,000 Members

A community starts with 1,000. The reason so many social media groups fail is they don’t achieve a critical mass. They need that first 1,000 members to form the seed of a community.


Platform Authenticity: When Self-Promotion Is Annoying

Dump and run is not a marketing strategy. How you market your content is key to effectively growing your audience. Platforms are built on trust and audience engagement.


Water Cooler Moments: Sparking Conversations

Water cooler moments are the secret of creating an engaging social media group. They draw people together, spark conversation, and help it grow further, faster.