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Neatfreak!: Are You A Supplier Or A Brand?

It all starts with a choice. Are you supplier, or a brand? In 2008 Neatfreak made that choice, and transitioned from being a private label manufacturer to building a brand. Today they are the category leader for home organization and storage.


Give Your SMART Goals Meaning

Create SMART Aspirational Goals for your company — create SMARTY Goals. Combine a numeric target with an aspirational vision to drive action. Your people need to know the “why” behind a goal to get fully behind it.


AnswerPlus: The Customer Comes Third

“The Customer Comes Third” is an intriguing and counterintuitive core values, but fundamental to AnswerPlus’s services, relationships and brand. They build their brand from the inside out. Dana Lloyd, CEO of AnswerPlus says, “Our brand is our culture, and our culture is our people,”


Just The Facts: 3 Ways To Craft An Effective Elevator Pitch

Simple Clarity is the foundation of your brand. It’s the ability to use an elevator pitch to simply and succinctly describe your brand. The challenge is it’s easier said than done. There are 3 ways you can share your brand story to achieve Simple Clarity.


Matcom Group: Hassle Free Performance

Companies choose Matcom, because the service is “hassle free.” They stand out in a commoditized sector by creating turnkey solutions. Not all companies value this level of service, but the ones who do love it. There is a real value in reducing the time and resource constraints on your internal team, and delegating non-core competencies. It is liberating to know someone else will get the project done while you focus on satisfying your own clients.


Your Website: The Set It And Forget It Trap

How often do you update your website? I’m not talking about adding a blog post or publishing an article. How often do you make structural changes to your website? Your website is alive, and apart of a vibrant ecosystem. If you are not updating it quarterly, your website will atrophy and die.


Versature: Doubled Their Sales Performance In 90 Days

Big goals drive sales performance. Versature, a business phone company and client of Sticky Branding, doubled their sales in 90 days. Paul Emond, CEO of Versature, shares his experience working with Sticky Branding, and the impressive results his company is achieving.


Unattainable Goals Crush Your Credibility

A stretch goal can be very motivating. It can push you and your team beyond your limits, and achieve great feats. But an unattainable stretch goal can have the opposite effect. It can demotivate your team, and crush your credibility.


Brilliant: Be Everywhere

Do your customers think of you first when they have a need? Make your brand top of mind. Brilliantâ„¢’s marketing strategy is to “be everywhere.” They focus their marketing on being omnipresent in their target markets so their customers think of them first when they have a need.


Break Through Revenue Plateaus, One Goal At A time

Companies face predictable revenue plateaus at $1 million, $5 million, $10 million, $25 million and so on. Break through the plateaus with clear goals. Every quarter focus on developing a key area of your business to get to the next level.