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Assemble Your Brand Team

It takes more than a dynamic CEO or Founder to grow a sticky brand. Branding is a team sport, and without the right team the brand may never live up to its potential. Assemble a Brand Team to grow your business.


Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Decimates Email Lists: How To Rebuild

Canada’s anti-spam laws are decimating corporate email lists. Companies got complacent in their email marketing, and they’re waking up to the harsh reality that their subscribers were not really subscribers at all. How to rebuild your email list, and stay on the right side of the law.


6 Traits of Brand Leaders

Sticky brands punch outside their weight class, because they have Brand Leaders committed to the brand. These Brand Leaders possess 6 core traits: perspective, ideas, execution, restless, ambitious, talent.


Faster is Better: Speed Differentiates Almag’s Brand

Manufacturing in North America has never been more challenging. Not only are manufacturers competing with cheap imports, they’re also facing steep competition at home. Almag Aluminum differentiates their brand by focusing on speed. Faster is better.


Great Brands Are About People: Ambitious, Impatient People

Great brands are built by people — ambitious and impatient people. People who want to make a significant change, and make it now. Anyone can learn the principles of branding, but without the right people those strategies won’t amount to a hill of beans.


Macpek: Build Your Brand With A Big Event

Big events are a powerful way to build relationships and differentiate your brand. Macpek stood out by organizing a relay-race marathon from Mont Tremblant to Quebec City in May. They had over 650 people cross the finish line, and it created a powerful event to build relationships and connect people with people.


9 Differentiators To Create A Competitive Advantage

In commoditized markets doing one thing really well is not enough to create a competitive advantage. There are 9 key differentiators. Identify your top 4 to develop a sustainable competitive advantage, and stand out in your marketplace.


FeedBlitz: Clients Will Tell You What They Want

It’s hard to innovate if you are not listening. Phil Hollows, CEO of FeedBlitz explains, “The only way we can compete successfully against free services like Google is by out servicing our clients and out listening our competitors.”


Websites That Sell Are Different

Most company websites are attractive, functional and tell a good story. But those are table stakes. Websites that sell are different, because they are built for sales.


Simard Suspension: The Best Sales Pitch

The best sales pitch is delivered by your customers. There is no one who can convey value better than the people already working with your products. David Tremblay, CEO of Simard Suspensions says, “The best argument to sell your products comes from your customers. You can build the best sales pitch that you can imagine, but let the customer talk about your products and it’s much more credible than anything else.”