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Break Through Revenue Plateaus, One Goal At A time

Companies face predictable revenue plateaus at $1 million, $5 million, $10 million, $25 million and so on. Break through the plateaus with clear goals. Every quarter focus on developing a key area of your business to get to the next level.

SBQ-Rebuilding-Trust Rebuilding Trust In A Broken Sector

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, the banks and financial services sector are the least trusted sector. is rebuilding trust by understanding the true needs of average consumers, and creating a service that delights them.


Brands Are Built On Big Goals

Brands are built on big goals, and bold actions. Big goals energize your team, and stretch your skills and capabilities. They not only change your company, they reshape your market’s expectations of your brand.


Wheels and Deals: 20 Year Overnight Success

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are sticky brands. Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals is a 20 year overnight success. They’ve grown into the largest independent used car dealer in New Brunswick, and one of the largest in Eastern Canada. And their customers love them!


When everyone looks the same, who do you refer?

What separates one accountant from the next? Not much, they all deliver similar services. The same is true for lawyers, insurance brokers and financial advisors. When everyone looks the same it’s hard to make a referral. Relationships are not enough to differentiate your brand.


Scalar: Sales Driven Cultures Build Brands

A sales driven culture is a key differentiator in any high growth company. Scalar is one of Canada’s fastest growing IT companies, and they have a culture of sales. They’re customer focused, and their sales people are a conduit to their customers.


Your Blog Is Boring

Your readers are tuning you out. They like your content, but they’re used to your routine. They see your posts cross their inboxes and social media feeds, but they don’t click. They’re not reading your stuff. Shake things up. Give your readers a reason to come back.


Silverline: Growing A First Call Advantage

Do your customers call you first when they’re ready to buy? Silverline has created a first call advantage. They generate over 90% of their business from referrals from They’ve created an enviable position as the first call in their niche, and they’re growing rapidly as a result.


Developing A Brand Symbol (The Great Bee Debate)

Brand symbols function as a visual shorthand. Nike has the swoosh, and Starbucks uses the twin-tailed mermaid. When customers see these symbols they immediately think of the associated brand. The company doesn’t need words to tell their story. The symbol does it all. The article chronicles Sticky Branding’s approach to developing a symbol for our brand.


Macadamian: Finding A Brand Name That Sticks

Finding a sticky company name requires both curiosity and determination. Macadamian found there’s in the most unexpected of places, the grocery store aisle. Play with words, and don’t compromise. Pursue the right now for your brand.