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Sales Training Programs Are Outdated

It’s time for sales forces to find a new playbook. The sales training programs available in the market are showing their age.

I started my career in software sales, and was groomed on sales training programs like Huthwaite’s SPIN Selling, Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling and a little Tom Hopkins for good measure. They’re all great solution selling programs. They teach your reps how to find decision makers, build value propositions, negotiate and close. But here’s the problem, they were all written in the pre-Google era. Actually, they were all written long before the Internet.

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Social Media: You Don’t Have a Choice

Companies have a choice: get into social media, or get into it later. Either way every company is going to have to embrace social media as a key component of their marketing and communications very soon.

Yesterday I laid out this challenge to the Benefits Alliance Group in a keynote presentation titled, “Grow Your Brand in Social Media”. Right now social media is optional, but it won’t be for long. My suggestion to the group was to start mastering the tools now and get a head start in your industry.

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