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Sticky Branding is a Brand Building agency. We provide business leaders ideas, expertise, and resources to make their companies stand out, challenge the giants of their industry, and drive sales.

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Brand Builder

Develop the strategies to make your brand stand out and drive sales.
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Keynote Speaker

Inspirational Branding Speaker. Have Jeremy present at your next event.
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Sticky Branding Book

This is your branding playbook. 12.5 Principles to grow an incredible brand.

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Cut The Fat From Your Selling

Corporate sales teams are filled with fat — extraneous processes and steps that slow down customers from making purchase decisions. It’s time to challenge convention to deliver better sales results. To dramatically speed up sales you’ve got to cut the fat from your sales process.


Public Speaking Is Like Snowboarding

Public speaking is a thrill. It’s like snowboarding. But to be a truly great speaker you’ve got to master it, just like snowboarding. You’re not born an incredible orator. It takes training, practice, and the ability to pick yourself up when you fall down.

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